The Best Space Heater for Large Rooms in 2020 – For Buying

Christmas is upcoming, and the weather is cooler and cooler. It is important to prepare for the cold day with a space heater machine. There are various types of machines, yet not all of them are high-quality ones. That said, here are the best space heaters for a large rooms in 2020 you may want to check out.

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10. Dr Infrared – Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

10. Dr Infrared - Best Space Heater for Large Rooms  

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Dr Infrared could be a highly recommended space heater. It comes with a number of qualities. The product could heat up large space of room while functioning on automatic energy saving mode. The protection is tip-over. The heating system is dual. It features infrared quartz tube. You could set auto shut-off function within 12 hours. The product comes with IR remote control. It is quite because the noise level is just 39 dB super quiet.

The blower also comes with high pressure. The electronic thermostat is between 50 and 86 degrees. There are a lifetime filter and caster wheels as well. Dr Infrared has 12.5 Amps of power and consumes energy of 1500 Watts. It weighs 24lbs.

9. Lasko – Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

9. Lasko

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Lasko has a stylish body. The design of Lasko is like a piece of art. The product comes with three quiet settings and ceramic heating element. The thermostat is adjustable. The product consumes the energy of 1500 watt. The setting is easy to read because it is LED display. You can select a temperature between 60F and 85F. The timer is built-in. It could be programmed between 1 and 7 hours. You could easily program the timer by just pressing the button on the digital control panel; thus, the machine will shut itself off at a programmed time. The feature is built-in for safety purpose.

Lasko will not overheat even if it is left to extend the period of time. The product comes fully assembled. You could get your heater work in minutes. You could plug the machine into a wall outlet and enjoy the warmth by just adjusting the temperature the way you prefer.

8. Lasko Oscillating – Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

8. Lasko Oscillating

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Lasko Oscillating is designed for tabletop use and floor. It is versatile so that it could warm your space enough. You could also select different heating settings including Low or Fan Only as well as High. All the settings could propel air quietly. The product comes fully assembled so that it is ready to plug in and heat your room.

There are other settings you can consider as well including oscillating heat, warming your feet or direct heat. The product is fully equipped. There are built-in features for safety purpose. The product comes with a three-dimension size as followed; 5.6 x 5.9 x 16 inches. It weighs 4.6 pounds.

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7. Lasko Full Circle – Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

7. Lasko Full Circle

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Lasko Full Circle has two heating settings including low heat and high heat. There is an auto setting as well so that you could warm up your area. The oscillation comes in a full circle so that the heat could be distributed evenly and entirely in the whole room. You could also choose degree coverage including 90, 170 and 360 full degrees. The programmable thermostat is adjustable. The product consumes energy of 1500 watt.

There is a temperature display that you could read. The features are built-in for safety purpose. The overheat protection is designed so that the machine does not overheat. Lasko Full Circle comes fully assembled. You could just plug in the heater and get it to work.

6. Lasko Digital – Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

6. Lasko Digital

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Lasko Digital is made of plastic and metal. You could set 8-hour timer. The oscillation is wide; thus, the heated coverage is wider. The engineering helps to make you warm while the machine could reduce noise. Warmth could be projected with patented comfort system. There is a safety feature made of ceramic. The material helps to self regulate while there is over-heat protection that functions automatically as well.

5. DeLonghi – Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

5. DeLonghi

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DeLonghi consumes energy of 1500 watts so that it could offer comfort that covers the whole room. DeLonghi also has a sleek design. It could be mounted on the wall or set on the floor. The comfort could be personalized. There are several heating settings while the thermostat is adjustable. Such functions help you to easily customize the machine. The product is portable as well. It is compact and lightweight. The handle is convenient while the wheels allow you to move the machine easily.

4. Vornado – Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

4. Vornado

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Vornado comes with Vortex technology. Warm air could, therefore, be fully circulated in the entire room. You could adjust the thermostatic temperature with your preferences. The safety features are advanced. Vornado includes a shut-off system for safety purpose and tip-over protection function. The operation is whisper-quiet. The product comes with a five-year warranty as well. Vornado has a three-dimension size as followed; 9.2 x 10.4 x 10.6 inches. It weighs 3.76 pounds.

3. LifeSmart – Best Space Heater for Large Rooms 

3. LifeSmart

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LifeSmart offers three heating settings including but not limited to 500 Watt energy-saving mode. You could set a 12-hour timer for the machine to shut itself off in a timeframe. The metal cabinet is stylish. The thermostat comes in the digital display. There is a remote control as well. The product comes with a three-dimension size as followed; 16 x 13 x 16.5 inches. It weighs 21 pounds.

2. Lifesmart Corp – Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

2. Lifesmart Corp

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Infrared warmth could be provided for a large room. The product comes with a remote control as well. There are three heating settings that you could consider including the eco-friendly one. For the eco-friendly mode, you could set the machine to work within 12 hours and shut itself off automatically, or you could set a stop timer. The product comes in a stylish wood cabinet. As a result, it is cool to touch. The thermostat is digital. 1800 sq ft room is guaranteed for the product to heat up fully. Lifesmart Corp comes in a three-dimension size as followed; 16.2 x 15.2 x 18.5 inches. It weighs 31 pounds.

1. Commart – Best Space Heater for Large Rooms


1. Commart

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Commart is a radiant heater that comes with a capacity between 4000 and 9000 BTU. It could heat space up to 225 square feet. It is highly recommended for both outdoor and indoor usage. The product is clean-burning. Commart has an auto shut-off function.

Low oxygen levels could be detected so that the machine will shut itself off. The handle is fold-down while the regulator is swivel-out. The product is connected to a propane tank. Comment comes in a three-dimension size as followed; 9 x 14.2 x 14.4 inches.

In conclusion, it is important to consider some qualities including energy-saving mode, durability, technology, and warranty so that you could get your ideal space heater. Any of these space heaters we introduced to you will serve you nothing but the best. So, get yours.

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