Top 10 Best Lego Tables For Your Kids in 2020

Parents always wish to let their child excel in every possible manner for the overall development of his/her mind and body. In the tender age of the child, toys hold a prominent place of importance. The choice of toys that you make for your kids decides how well your child grasps fun and learning from them. There are many toys that bring out creativity from your child in a unique way, in addition to the fun. One of these toys is Lego Tables For Your Kids.

They are designed in appealing designs and works to keep your child busy for many years meanwhile you can carry out other tasks. Being a parent, you will get surprised how deeply your kid engrosses while playing with lego tables. In addition to creativity, you will find many ways in which the toys are helpful for kids. To get more details about the finest Top 10 Best Lego Tables For Your Kids in 2020 available currently for kids, refer below products

List Of The Best Lego Tables For Your Kids in 2020

5: UTEX 2 in 1 Kids Construction Play Table with Storage Drawers and Built in Plate (Espresso)

5. UTEX 2 in 1 Kids Construction Play Table with Storage Drawers and Built in Plate (Espresso):
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Available to set within a few minutes, you will let your kids start playing with this lego table as soon as you open the package. This toy from UTEX presents a top surface which provides a construction surface on one side whereas the smooth surface on the remaining side.


• One of the sides of this playing board is found compatible with the majority of the brand’s blocks, which provides your kids a fun-filled area to enhance their creativity. The other side is equipped with a smooth surface that is ideal for action figures, train sets, and several different toys.
• This table’s eye-catching finish appears excellent with an assortment of decor styles.
• During the pack up time, it is found that the storage area is under the surface. This type of arrangement allows the play area to stay clean.
• With its assembled dimension, it is found that this lego table is sized appropriately for kids aged 3 and higher. Moreover, its height is comfortably sized for young kids that simplify the access to the table by sitting/kneeling on the floor.
• Since it is a multi-activity table, its tabletop surface is manufactured from double-sided Playboard. Therefore, you can easily transform the table from construction playtime table into the sleek surface table.
• It comes with the construction panels that are found compatible with compatible with the majority of the common building bricks.
• There are two spacious storages, so during the time of o pack up, simply take them away towards the drawers.
• This toy is perfect for arts & crafts, block play, puzzles, doll houses, and many more.

4:  Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set – 3 in 1 Water Table, Craft Table Building Brick Table Storage

4. Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set - 3 in 1 Water Table, Craft Table Building Brick Table Storage:
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The intention with which this 3 in 1 kid lego table was designed is to encourage creativity and development within your child. What makes this toy to be eye-catching is its interior which proves to be an excellent water table for continuous fun. Your kids would love the storage space provided for building bricks and different toys. If you are looking for an affordably priced kid’s activity table with lots of functionalities then go for this product.


The Lego Tables For Your Kids features a building brick surface that presents a convenient surface on which kids can explore their creativity and fun.
• Its smooth side is the ideal spot to draw masterpieces, make crafts, and many more.
• It is found that the toy is compatible with the majority of building bricks. Its tight fit makes it a compatible product.
• The packaging incorporates 25 jumbo bricks and two chairs so children can begin the play instantly.
• Your kids can build with bricks, play with water toys, or can draw as well.
• This activity table for kids is constructed to be durable, sturdy and effortless to transit from building brick side, to the water table, to smooth side.
• Its interior presents convenient storage for water toys, craft supplies, building bricks, and many more.
• This toy is suitable for kids aged 18 months and higher, both boys and girls can play with it.
• Its chairs come with a height of 18″ and its seat is positioned 10″ above the floor.
• This Lego table includes 3 unique play variants in a single product. Kids can use it as a lego table, as a water table and also as a smooth one. See more kids Products:

3:  LEGO BLOCK TABLE 32″x16″ Solid Hardwood Legs and Side Frames-Built To Last-MADE IN THE USA-Preassembled-AGES 5 AND UP

3. LEGO BLOCK TABLE 32"x16" Solid Hardwood Legs and Side Frames-Built To Last-MADE IN THE USA-Preassembled-AGES 5 AND UP:
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This delicately designed lego block table by Fun Builder is dedicated to providing fun to your kids in a unique way. Its overall design allows your kid to access the toys with ease. The height of 18 inches makes it convenient for children up to four years of age. Those parents looking for a long-lasting activity table for their kids can go for this product.


• Your kid would never be too large for this activity table because the table incorporates legs and support frames that are manufactured from strong hardwoods.
• The product comes as pre-assembled, so there are no hassles for parents to follow the instruction manual. Parents can set it up instantly because it only takes a few minutes to install its legs.
• It comes with a non-compulsory type wood play cover.
• There are no hassles to clean this lego block table.
• With the help of solid hardwood frames as well as sturdy legs, it is found that the table is built to last.
• It comes with a heavy duty type mesh block storage bag which helps to retain the block inside the table instead of on the floor.
• The length, width and height are respectively 32″, 16″ and 18″. All these dimensions are found convenient for your kids.
• Packaging includes wood play cover which can be easily enclosed on the table surface.
• The construction of this lego table is made sturdy with the help of sealed and coated solid hardwood legs as well as reinforced hardwood support frames on the sides.
• Parents can easily clean this activity table without any troubles.

2:  KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board (Gray/Espresso) – Limited Edition

2. KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board (Gray/Espresso) - Limited Edition:
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Recognized as a sturdy 2-in-1 activity table from KidKraft, this product presents an impeccable spot to allow your kid to explore their creativity. Parents would certainly admire how this play table keeps the bedrooms organized and transmits the action nearer to eye level for kids. The activity table is perfect for any nursery schools, playrooms, and other child play region.


• The construction of this play table uses sturdy materials which provide an ideal spot for kids to play. It comes with the 200 LEGO-compatible blocks in order that kids can begin playing instantly.
• The overall design is sufficiently spacious for allowing multiple kids to play at once. The use of wood in the construction of its surface is found safe and reliable. Moreover, the surface is spacious enough to allow kids to explore their creativity freely.
• This Lego Tables For Your Kids is found compatible with the majority of the Lego products.
• This table is found out to be a limited edition equipped in Espresso finish along with the gray top board.
• Kids can use it for hobby and indoor play, developing sensory skills, as well as educational learning.
• If needed, kids can also bring their favorite toys over the board to play with. These toys include action figures, train sets, and building blocks.
• There are no hassles to use it; kids can just flip the board and start playing.
• With the help of its convenient storage space, it is assured that the playing environment is clean and neat for kids for their regular play activities.
• Its compact and small table is perfect for children below age five. If you are in lack of space then you can set up this activity table.
• With the assistance of sturdy construction and its dual usage design, this table is versatile.
• It is known that the dimension of the table is approximately 1.5 feet high to allow children to play on their knees. Moreover, there is the presence of 2ft by 2ft of play surface.
• The activity table is compatible with Duplo Lego blocks. This is because its lego plate is removable, so parents can get a suitable Duplo plate to insert.
• As per the convenience, you can easily flip the top surface over for a sturdy surface, and the other side would just fit Legos.
• This kid table can be transformed into several other things different than a lego table due to its 2 in 1 design. It is found that the table top can be conveniently flipped and utilized for kid toys, art, or other playful activities.

1:  LEGO Education Flip Top Playtable – Best Lego Tables

1. LEGO Education Flip Top Playtable:
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The present model of flip top Playtable features solid hardwood materials in its construction. It is usually found that the table is capable to support a group of four kids, age two years and higher. Kids can develop many different skills and creativity by using brick objects, figures, and buildings.


• There is the use of sturdy hardwood materials in the construction of this top PlayTable to make it suitable for years of wear.
• Its surface is covered with a gray colored LEGO system building plate on one of its sides whereas the other side is equipped with a green LEGO DUPLO building plate. This type of arrangement offers a building surface for pupils to uniquely design and prepare LEGO system as well as LEGO DUPLO.
• The plates of this Lego Tables For Your Kids offer solid foundation for kids aged two years and higher. It is found that this type of foundation is accomplished to design buildings, objects, and figures belonging from the LEGO system and LEGO DUPLO bricks.
• You can flip the tabletop to transit between anyone out of its two-building plates. There is no need for any tools to flip the tabletop.
• The rail present under the surface is capable to accommodate a LEGO Education XL storage bin. This bin is capable to function as a storage drawer for the bricks.
• Only minimal assembly is required to set up this Playtable.
• It only weighs 31lbs. so there are no hassles to transport it.
• The measurement of the table is 20 x 27 x 27 inches (H x W x D). (In these dimensions, H stands for height i.e., the perpendicular distance from the lowest to the highest point; W stands for width which resembles the parallel distance from left to right; D stands for depth which denotes the lateral distance from front to back side.
• Since the manufacturing process uses premium quality solid wood, the Playtable is durable and sturdy.
• Its reversible building plate is suitable for Duplos and for Legos.
• Total four children can simultaneously play with this activity table.
• Its storage bin can be prearranged separately in order to let the bricks stay inside.
• There are no troubles to assemble this activity tables. Without the help of any tools, you can easily insert the legs as well as thumb screws.
• Though it does not include a built-in storage, it would seamlessly slide beneath the table when the storage is not required. Moreover, there is no need for walking barefoot on this Lego table.
• Whenever you need to clean this Lego Tables For Your Kids, you can do it with the help of a cloth piece and water.
• There are no situations of kids falling off even if they climb above it.

Kids can now indulge themselves in many hours of play when they begin playing with any of the discussed Lego tables. There are no hassles of insecurity when kids play and they can explore many different skills as well.


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